Photography Social Club is a private membership community that connects photography lovers with helpful tools and resources of the craft.

PSC builds a bridge for photography lovers to learn, create, network, earn and most importantly, have fun. Unlike other photography groups/clubs that often focus on traditional methods, our mission is to assemble engaging members that all have something in common: a creative soul and passion for changing the world. 

Our members range from many industries including creative, beauty and media sectors. Some are professional photographers, some are amateurs and some want to accomplish every level.


Learning is the most important factor of becoming a professional at anything. Explore both creative and business information to elevate your knowledge.


Imagination is the key to creativity. PSC gives the resources and access to making a life as a thriving photographer, creative or entrepreneur a reality.


Never create alone again. The experience that comes with PSC is meant to be inclusive & accessible with an online membership forum and in-person events.


More than just a club, having a network means getting introduced to potential lifelong friends that share the same passion for photography.


Our private member platform allows you to share your work, compete in challenges and get helpful feedback from other members in the club.


Having a network also means establishing professional relationships. Embrace mentorship from both the teaching and student perspective.