Acuity Scheduling

Your new scheduling system is here.

Acuity Scheduling was created so that all you need to do is show up at the right time.

No matter if you’re a photographer, chef or just a digital creative, this scheduling platform will make your life 10x easier.


First, you’ve got to have your email open, or your phone ready to ring, in case a prospective client happens to request a call, session or gig. Business is certainly a 24/7 endeavor these days…even if it does happen to be your daughter’s first birthday party, or your 20th wedding anniversary, or, you know, your day off.

Then, when you do receive a message or a call, you’ve got to drop everything and pounce on it, because you wouldn’t want to lose the business, right? Maybe they’ll get impatient and go with your competitor. Or maybe they’ll have lost their interest by the time you end up getting back to them. You certainly don’t want to lose any good opportunities.

So then, as your cramped fingers type away on your iPhone, or your tablet, or your laptop, or one of the many devices you’re frantically trying to stay connected to, you’ve got to quickly review your calendar, figure out your availability, put your best foot forward, make the client feel seen and heard, and try to respond in a way that’ll hopefully get the business in the door.

And then, of course, you go through what we call…the first deadly round of email roulette.

You suggest a time.

They suggest a different one.

You suggest another time.

They can’t make it then.

You jiggle your schedule around.

Another round of emails happen.

And then finally, if you’re lucky, the stars align, and you find a good date and time that works for both of you.

…That is if one person doesn’t need to reschedule, effectively starting the chain all over again. Don’t fall for that trap.

Managing a schedule is no easy task.


Acuity now supports over 50,000 businesses and major corporations. With their hand in helping to schedule millions of appointments and scheduling logistics worldwide, it’s really a no brainer.

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